Ralph Wilson Stadium Parking Lot Lighting Improvements

Orchard Park, NY

Install new parking lot lighting including 1000 watt HPS luminaires on the existing 100 foot poles. This project also included the installation of new weatherproof power distribution panels and new circuiting as necessary to dedicate each luminaire. Additionally, new grounding was installed to each pole as well as new underground feeders where required.


Any work occurring a hundred feet in the air is a challenge in and of itself! The height of this work combined with the size of the site made planning and organization paramount.


Rather than rent a special lift for this job we searched the eastern US and purchased a 100-foot sign crane. We then modified the basket assembly especially for this project. It worked extremely well and proved to be a very efficient and cost effective investment.
The new grounding conductors and underground feeders averaged 500 feet in length.

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