Solar Electric System Prices Vary Across New York State

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According to the New York State Research and Development Authority, the gross cost of residential solar electric systems varies significantly across the state. Out of New York’s counties, Manhattan and Seneca counties are the priciest for residential solar systems, averaging $12.94 and $11.18 per watt respective. Conversely, Western New York offers the most competitively priced systems. Niagara County’s average price is $6.50 per watt and Genessee County is second at $7.51 per watt.

This difference can be explained by higher labor and project management costs associated with the southern counties. CVM Solar believes that prices in Erie County, currently listed at $8.15/watt, are heading to towards the prices found in Niagara County. Yet state incentives that cover 20-30% of a system’s cost are also decreasing, meaning that it is an excellent time to consider installing a solar electric system.